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In the United States topic # 1 – a Sunday interview, former FBI assistant Director Andrew McCabe dedicated to the betrayal of the tramp


Almost all American media to discuss Sunday’s interview with former Deputy Director of the FBI’s Andrew McCabe program “60 minutes” of CBS in connection with the release Tuesday of his book “the Threat”. As reported replyua.net about it on his blog, says blogger Igor Aizenberg.

According to him, McCabe said, which opened a counterintelligence investigation against trump in a few days after the dismissal of FBI Director Komi, because he believed that trump fired Komi Republic in order to stop the investigation of Regata, and its cessation could be beneficial only to Russia. Therefore, he believed that there was a danger that trump is acting in the interests most hostile to the United States. When may 17, 2017 was appointed spectacular investigation of Relegate the materials of the investigation launched by McCabe, was transferred to the office of spectracolor.

Igor Aizenberg notes, Mockejb also repeated to appear last fall in the new York times in may 2017, he discussed with Deputy Prosecutor General rod Rozensteina the possibility of removing trump from office on the basis of the 25th amendment to the Constitution, Rosenstein after the publication in the newspaper denied it. McCabe said that trump would not receive the intelligence reports of North Korean ballistic missiles of distant radius of action. According to McCabe, trump on this post intelligence said, “I’m not interested. Putin told me that North Korea has no such missiles. I believe Putin”.


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