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In the United States named the conditions for negotiations with Russia on arms control


Washington ready to negotiate with Moscow on arms control, however, Russia put forward a number of requirements. As reported replyua.net with reference to “Today”, this statement came from state Department spokesman. He commented on the signing by the Russian President Putin the decree suspending Russia’s fulfillment of the terms of the INF Treaty.

State Department spokesman stated that the United States committed to the Treaty on arms control, which contributes to the country’s security, allies and partners. In addition, he noted that Washington is ready to engage in talks with Moscow on arms control, which will meet all the criteria. In this case, the state Department added that Washington is very disappointed that Russia still does not want to take steps to return to compliance with the agreement and keep the Agreement on the elimination of short and medium range. The diplomat criticized Russia for violating this agreement.

A decree suspending Russia’s implementation of the INF Treaty was signed by Vladimir Putin on March 4, Monday. The US suspended the Treaty in early February. In Washington, stressed that do not intend to comply with the terms of the document and accused Russia of violations.


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