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In the United States are more afraid of China, not Russia


China is for the United States a more serious threat than Russia. As reported replyua.net citing the Fox News channel, this statement was made by the Minister of defense Mark Esper.

Reporters asked him which country represents for US the greatest threat. “I think in the long term, China poses a more serious problem, given its economic power, political influence and ambition,” – said the head of the Pentagon. In addition, he noted that China remains a top priority for the Pentagon, and this country is the long-term strategic adversary. Earlier, the Minister met with the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe and said that the military activity in China, as well as his cunning economic policy constituted a threat to international law, and Washington is trying to protect this right.

Previously, Donald trump announced that from September, Washington’s new duties on Chinese goods which total cost will reach $ 300 billion. According to the President of the United States, the new duties will have to enter due to the fact that China has not fulfilled a promise to increase purchases of agricultural commodities in the United States.


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