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In the U.S. Congress will consider a draft law on granting Ukraine the status of an ally outside NATO


To the house of representatives of the us Congress introduced a bill that provides for increased support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, strengthening the military and providing assistance to the state of the status of the main political and military ally of the US. As reported replyua.net about it there is a speech in the message of the Ukrainian Embassy in the USA in Facebook.

“We believe the bill presents an important new step, which is designed to enhance the Ukrainian-American strategic partnership in the fight against aggression of Russia”, – said at the Embassy.

The draft law “On support Ukraine to protect its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity” provides for the strengthening of the defense capability of our country, in particular through the transfer of weapons sale of lethal means of defense Ukrainian Armed forces, as well as strengthening the ability of Ukraine to resist Russian attacks.


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