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In the network appeared new information about the sunken “Titanic”


Passenger liner “Titanic” sank in 1912, but until now, researchers-lovers find new facts about this ship and put you on the Internet unique pictures.

Reports replyua.net the cause of the crash of the Titanic was the collision with a huge iceberg. The crew too late noticed a huge glacier, which eventually led to flooding, and now the remains of the huge ship resting at a depth of 4 km. From the moment of death of the ship was more than 100 years, but researchers continue to search for new facts of this tragedy. According to some experts, who studied the tragedy, about 50 people at the last moment refused to travel on the Titanic.

The most surprising is that one of the passengers refused have not had serious reason to not sail on the ship. It is noteworthy that most refuse the cruise passengers were friends of John Morgan, owner of the vessel. In addition, shortly before sailing he personally gave the order to leave behind a very expensive painting.


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