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In Cuba, the meteorite fell


The Ministry of science, technology and environment of Cuba has officially confirmed the fact that over the island a meteorite flying in a ball of fire, then exploded into many fragments. This statement on the website of the official organ of the Cuban Communist party Granma was posted today, informs replyua.net.

As it turned out, the meteorite was spotted yesterday between 13.20 and 13.30 (22.20 and 22.30 Kyiv time), and throughout the province of Pinar del Rio. On a prospective place of falling of a meteorite arrived the staff of the Institute of Geophysics. They did an analysis of the detected fragments, the results of which showed that the particles consist of iron, Nickel, and magnesium silicate. Chip of the largest size, was discovered in the area Palmarito. The size of this part of the meteorite is 11 inches in length. Now scientists are going to continue to study the wreckage in order to get much more data about this phenomenon.

We will remind, yesterday a media reported that yesterday in the sky over the Western Cuban province of Pinar del Rio, a massive explosion. Soon after that, the network appeared photos of different fragments whose size ranged from 20 to 30 centimeters. The witnesses to the event believe that it’s part of a fallen meteorite.


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