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In China executed the man who attacked a kindergarten


In China was the execution of a death sentence against a man who previously attacked with a knife on students in kindergarten, located in the South of the country. About it journalists were reported by the Supreme people’s court of the PRC, informs replyua.net.

The penalty was enforced even on the 4th of January after almost two years after the committed man crimes. During the investigation it was established that the man named Qin Panjang used against the children edged weapons. This behavior was caused by a sense of revenge that arose in the context of his quarrels with neighbors. As a result of such action, injured 12 people, 4 of whom received serious injuries. “In accordance with the clear evidence and the presence of a completely objective evidence of an offer of such punishment was recognized as legitimate,” – said in the decree of the court.

The people’s court for the middle level, since August 28 of last year a decision was rendered sentencing the accused to death. However, the defendant filed an appeal, being discordant with this court’s decision. After four months, during which lasted for a new trial, the verdict was upheld.


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