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Gulnara Karimova’s house arrest was replaced by a colony


Gulnara Karimov transferred to the colony. Prosecutors explained that this decision is connected with the gross violations committed by the daughter of the President of Uzbekistan during the punishment, according to replyua.net. It is worth mentioning that prior to this, Karimov was kept under house arrest.

The court took the decision to replace Gulnara Karimova’s house arrest on the colony. The remainder of the term daughter of Uzbekistan’s President will serve a term already in a correctional facility. The Prosecutor’s office, commenting on the transfer to the colony, explained that the decision of the court due to systematic violations sentenced during the punishment. In particular, Karimov could leave the apartment and used the Internet. All these violations caused the transfer to the colony of General regime.

Recall that Gulnara Karimova received a substantial period of time. For participating in the gang, engaged in money laundering, the daughter of Uzbekistan’s President was sentenced to 5 years. However, in 2017 Karimov received a new term. The investigation proved her involvement in economic crimes, which has led to losses for the state in the amount of $ 2 billion. Later was issued another verdict, this time final. The court, taking into account the obligations Karimova to return the misappropriated funds and to indemnify the caused damage to the state, has decided to limit 5-year house arrest.


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