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“Following the example of Baltic States”, Walker said, when Putin will return Crimea to Ukraine


Special envoy of the us state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker argues that illegally annexed the Crimea to return to Ukraine, reports replyua.net. And it can happen at the example of the events of 1991, when Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia gained independence. At the same time, the special representative of the United States is confident that the point of view of official Moscow with regards to the affiliation of the Peninsula will remain the same, as well as the position of the West on this issue.

“We’ll see what happens in the future. The Baltic States were occupied by the Soviet Union for decades, and as a result everything has changed,” stated Walker. He believes that the problem of the Crimea “quite difficult” but he “with great enthusiasm” looking at his predecessors, who refused to recognize the accession of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania into the Soviet Union.

In addition, Kurt Volker said that the pressure of the sanctions regime on Russia will not stop until, while it will not give the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine.


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