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Experts named the best country for emigrants


In the past year, Germany topped the ranking of the best countries for immigrants. Reports replyua.net the list was made up of employees of the company YouGov. It is noted that among the main advantages in Germany for foreigners has become a common approach to work, excellent time balance between personal life and work.

In addition, working in Germany, the foreigners said that even are not afraid of layoffs. On the second place among the best States for foreigners was Bahrain. During a survey of foreigners working in Bahrain, noted the high level of wages in this country. In addition, the government of Bahrain to foreigners provide subsidies for flights and often pay for housing. The fact that Bahrain has a lot of free jobs, so the power of the state to lure immigrants, coming up with a very substantial benefits.

The three of leaders was closed by the Kingdom. Foreigners said that in this country of relatively low wages for expats, however, in Britain there are the highest prospects for professional and personal growth.


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