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Everest “revealed” dozens of bodies of dead climbers


On the highest point of the world mount Everest began the rapid melting of glaciers, causing rescuers find dozens of bodies of dead climbers. Reports replyua.net with reference to BBC Ukraine, rescuers said that the climbers died on Everest many years ago, and during the search of the dead were found 300 bodies.

Rescuers also stressed that for many years the bodies of the climbers was buried under snow, however, due to global climate change glaciers are melting very quickly. “Due to global warming the ice melts quickly, and the body that had been buried under it for many years, appear on the surface. We have removed the bodies of climbers who died in the past few years, but now dealing with those who have long been under ice cover,” – said in the Association of climbers of Nepal.

The glaciers began to melt rapidly, which is confirmed by scientists. In addition, it increases the average temperature in Tibet. We will remind that earlier Tibet was closed to tourists.


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