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Election day in Nigeria 16 people were killed


At least 16 people were killed on the day of voting in the General presidential and parliamentary elections, held on the territory of Nigeria. About this on their pages according to Gulfnews, reports replyua.net.

“Non-governmental organization Situation Room reported deaths in eight States, as well as about violation of the rules of voting and of the burning of ballot boxes and documents in Lagos”, – stated in the message. In addition, the police received several reports of violence and reports of attack at polling stations that occurred throughout the country. And at the polling station located in the district of Yabba that in Lagos, even the collision occurred at a time when the unknown person gave voters cash.

It should also be recalled that earlier in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria, namely Maiduguri, several explosions on the day of the presidential elections in the country. In accordance with the data analytical portal of the SBM Intelligence, starting in October 2018 in the territory of Nigeria there have been 67 cases of violence directly related to elections. In consequence of these occasions lost 233 people.


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