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Dr. Evil. The vet was carrying cocaine in living puppies


In the United States of America arrested a drug smuggler, which is more than ten years was a fugitive from justice, according to replyua.net.

Andres Lopez Alares, a veterinarian from Colombia, has long worked with criminals. Being quite a major figure in the extensive network involved in transporting and selling drugs, Sores remained outside the field of view of the police as long as law enforcement materials provided by the Colombian authorities, not detained him. It turned out that in the period 2004-2005, Andres Lopez, Bores owned a small farm in the vicinity of Medellin in Colombia, the growing puppies of large breeds of dogs. It surgically sewed puppies rubber capacity in the body, which were filled with cocaine. After that, the dogs were transported and sold in the United States. At this time the vet brought a number of charges, including drug smuggling, animal cruelty and breach of duty of a veterinarian to prevent the suffering of animals.

The next six years Andres Lopez Alares will spend in an American prison, after which he awaits extradition to his homeland, where the Colombian judges will appoint him to deserved punishment.


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