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“Didn’t like the way they filmed”: Kim Jong-UN fired a personal photographer and expelled him from the party


North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN fired his personal photographer because of what he was doing very close shots. Reports replyua.net the Daily NK, it also became known that the photographer was expelled from the party. According to the newspaper, talking about a man by the name of Ri, who works in Korean Art Film Studio.

It is noted that the photographer lost his job because he took Kim Jong-UN too close. According to the publication, the photographer broke the rules of photographing North Korean leader on election day in the Supreme people’s Assembly of North Korea. Kim Jong UN upset with their appearance. He does not allow photographers to take pictures at inopportune moments. Recently, one of the paparazzi made a sensational the North Korean leader. In it, he stood on the station platform and smoked. Also, the Internet leaked video with this moment.

The footage was shown, that the leader of North Korea goes on the apron, with his hands in his pockets, then pulls out a cigarette and begins to smoke. On the station platform he was a representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the DPRK and chief of the General staff.

Recall that North Korea did not stop uranium enrichment.


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