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CNN published a photo with the caption “Simferopol, Russia”. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine filed a protest.


The Ukrainian Embassy in Washington appealed to the American CNN channel with a request to carefully check the facts and information that journalists publish. In particular, the perturbation was caused by the publication of pictures annexed by Russia, Simferopol, and at the bottom was signed, there is a “Russian city”, reports replyua.net the official website of the diplomatic mission in Twitter .

“We hope that our friends at CNN will be better to check the facts and choose the content. Simferopol is a Ukrainian city on the Crimean Peninsula, which was occupied by Russia. Do not follow the Russian scenario”, – is spoken in the message of the Embassy. Note that the photo was taken by photographer Russian news Agency “TASS”.

This is not the first incident when the Ukrainian Crimea are portrayed as “Crimea, Russia”. There were also incidents when he published a map of where the Crimea belongs to Russia. We will remind, the world community does not recognize the legitimacy of joining the Peninsula to the Russian Federation. This is an illegal annexation.


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