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Bolton advises Maduro to live on a beautiful beach far away from Venezuela


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro should take advantage of the proposed Amnesty, which previously announced Joan Guido, and then you can move on.

As reported replyua.net about this on his page in Twitter wrote John Bolton, assistant us President for national security Affairs. “I wish Nicolas Maduro and his main advisers a long and quiet life after retirement on a nice beach somewhere far away from Venezuela,” said Bolton. We will remind that earlier the head of the opposition of Venezuela Juan Guido declared himself acting President. Incumbent President Maduro accuses US of meddling in the Affairs of Venezuela. Previously, he announced the rupture of diplomatic relations with the United States. Later, Maduro announced that the President of the United States Donald trump gave the order to the authorities in neighboring Colombia to kill him.

The US was the first country that fully supported the opposition in Venezuela. Washington is going to “bring democracy to this country”. Washington also condemned the decision of the Venezuelan Prosecutor’s office to start a preliminary investigation against Guido, and threatened serious consequences for those that would do harm policy.


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