Home USA American expert: “the Third world war may begin in Ukraine”

American expert: “the Third world war may begin in Ukraine”


Robert Farley, Professor at the army war College the United States, said that Ukraine can become a place of the beginning of world war III. As reported replyua.net such an article by an expert appeared in his column edition of the National Interest.

“Today, when China’s power continues to grow, and Russia strongly rejects the norms of international order, the prospect of conflict between major powers has again become real,” – said the expert. According to his forecast, the Third world war could begin on the Korean Peninsula, in the Persian Gulf in the South China sea or in Ukraine. In addition, the expert did not rule out that large-scale conflict can begin in the most unpredictable place. According to American, the war in Ukraine could start because of the incident in the Kerch Strait.

“Regardless of who provoked the incident – Russia or Ukraine (it is obvious that both governments have played a certain role in this) – the capture of Ukrainian ships rekindled tensions in the framework of the crisis, which over the last couple of years subsided somewhat,” – said the expert.


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