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After a record growth of oil prices slowed the growth


The first day of February was marked by multidirectional changes in the cost of oil, but generally, experts say a tendency to increase after January, they have demonstrated active growth. Reports replyua.net quotes somewhat stopped growing in the last session of the month due to deceleration of economy of China and relations between Beijing and Washington.

Despite now seeing falling prices, of Brent crude oil has recorded unprecedented for Jan growth over the entire history of observations since 1983. During the month, WTI became more expensive by more than 18%, which is also the maximum elevation from April 2016. The price of Brent crude in January increased to maximum from April 2016 15%. Meanwhile, the price of April futures for Brent on London exchange ICE Futures at 10:12 Moscow time has risen to 60,88 dollars per barrel.

As previously reported, at the end of last week, the political crisis in Venezuela, where there is a gradual formation of dual power, has caused a sharp rise in the cost of “black gold”.


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