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16 us States have filed lawsuits against trump


From 16 States filed lawsuits against Donald trump, the President of the United States, reports the New York Times informs replyua.net.

This event occurred yesterday, January 18. On this day, the coalition, composed of 16 States, including new York and California, filed a lawsuit against the American leader because of his intentions to use their powers for the imposition of emergency rule. The lawsuit was filed in Federal district court in San Francisco.

It should be recalled that on 15 February this year, Donald trump has signed a state of emergency. This act allows him to allocate eight billion US dollars for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico, what dreams the American leader. Moreover, with the introduction of state of emergency, this can be done without a decision of Congress. “The President signs Declaration of national state of emergency to combat the crisis with national security and humanitarian crisis on the southern border,” – wrote on his page on the microblogging service Twitter Sarah Saunders, the press Secretary of the President of the United States. Now the legality of the action of the American leader checked by the Congress.


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